Chatterbox Day Nursery & holiday club. Childcare services in the Birdwell, Hoyland and Tankersley regions of Barnsley.

Other Information

• Items from home

We encourage parents / carers to let their child bring any item which is used as a comforter (e.g. blanket, teddy, dummy etc) with them to nursery to help them feel secure. However, could we please request that you refrain from bringing large toys or items of value. We ask that sweets are saved for home.

• Clothing
As we provide a varied curriculum including baking, painting, gardening, clay activities etc.. it is important that children are dressed appropriately so that they feel comfortable participating. Aprons are always provided for such activities but it is inevitable that clothing will become soiled when children are enjoying themselves.

• Footwear
As many activities will involve children sitting and crawling on the floor area we ask that parents and carers provide a pair of indoor footwear (e.g. slippers). During wet weather children will still have the opportunity to access the outdoor play facilities and so wellington boots are a practical addition!

• Other items
After lunch all the children will be encouraged to brush their teeth and wash their hands and face. We will provide a towel and flannel for each child in a labelled wash bag. We ask parents to provide a named toothbrush for their childs use.

During hot weather we ask that children have their own sun hat and suncream.

• Security
The nursery has CCTV cameras in operation 24 hours a day to ensure the safety of children and staff on the premises. All entrances to the nursery have security keypads which means that only members of staff are able to gain access to the main areas of the nursery.

All parents/carers are asked to supply a 'password' which can be used by anyone authorised to collect their child. Under no circumstances will a child be allowed to leave the nursery without the relevant password being given.

Chatterbox Day Nursery is located at the Take2 Centre.

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Chatterbox Day Nursery - 311 Sheffield Road, Birdwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. S70 5TU. Telephone: (01226) 361222
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