Chatterbox Day Nursery & holiday club. Childcare services in the Birdwell, Hoyland and Tankersley regions of Barnsley.

Settling in

We understand that young children need time to adapt to a new setting and adjust to new faces and routines.

Many children prefer to watch and listen from the sidelines before they feel secure enough to become involved. The settling in period is vital and is given high priority. With this in mind we encourage parents/carers to stay with their child in they wish, helping them to settle so that everyone is comfortable and happy with their new environment.

We hope that this will make the transition into nursery a positive experience for everyone.

Working with you
We know that leaving a child at nursery for the first time is not easy, but we try and make it a bit easier. We ensure there is every opportunity to talk to staff at the nursery, enabling us to answer any questions or queries you may have.

We value parents and carers thoughts and opinions and welcome feedback. Open evenings are an opportunity to discuss the development of your child in more depth with staff, or you may prefer to arrange a meeting at an alternative time if you are unable to attend.

Parents and carers are always welcome to come into the nursery and share some time with their child whenever they wish.

Chatterbox Day Nursery is located at the Take2 Centre.

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Chatterbox Day Nursery - 311 Sheffield Road, Birdwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. S70 5TU. Telephone: (01226) 361222
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