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For all enquiries call the Take 2 Theatre School on:
01226 744442

What previous members say about Take 2...
Perri Hanson
Take 2 is an amazing establishment that I grew up at, and has an outstanding selection of tutors that have shaped both my future and personal morals. It is the perfect environment to grow up in, and helps structure strong, individual and confident young adults. During my time at Take 2 I learnt so much, not only theatrical skills but things that have helped in general life, and made me a much more confident person, but also performer. In the 5 years I spent there I met friends that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I was also taught performance technique that have allowed me to work in a professional musical theatre environment.


Danielle Steers
I would like to thank Take 2 for giving me the chance to shine and helping me along the way, being the basis of my training (because this is where it all started)
Since leaving Take 2, I had the courage and the skills to apply for and attend full time theatre school (SLP Studio La Ponte) and also make my way to the West End which has always been my dream. First starring in "Respect La Diva" progressing to "Legally Blonde the musical" returning to The Academy for the 2012 Pantomime Season. in 2013 I joined the World Arena tour of We Will Rock You. 2014 saw Danielle join the cast of The Bodyguard. 
Without take two, my dreams of the West End would have just been dream.
Thank you for helping me to make those dreams come true!
Danielle is currently appearing in the West End smash

Samuel Lewis
After being part of the academy theatre for the best part of 10 years, I am now in my 1st year of training on a musical theatre course that took me 2 years and 3 auditions to get on to. Without the help of the academy I wouldn't be where I am today, my experience at the academy helped develop my skills in the field and prepared me for future training.
As the time went on I soon developed a passion and it became more than just a hobby.
I began to contemplate doing this as a career, hence why I am spending 3 years of my life half way across the country. I am now a more confident happier outgoing person and I owe it to the academy for helping me get to where I am today, and will always be thankful to them which ever direction my career goes in.
Emma Roby
Take 2 has been the best thing I have ever attended, it has help me overcome problems with shyness and confidence. I attended Take 2 for several years and in that time I grew as a person and also my passion for theatre changed as well it made me be the person I am today, it also has a great family feel to it. Not a single person feels left out, its a fun professional atmosphere.



The Take 2 Theatre School is located at the Take 2 Centre.

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Take 2 Theatre School - The Take 2 Centre, 311 Sheffield Road, Birdwell, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. S70 5TU.